Online Voting for Shareholders & Members


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KFintech e-voting System

Help section
A registered shareholder as of cut off date is eligible to cast the vote. Registration of all such shareholders in the e-voting module is therefore automatic. There is no separate registration process.
User Id and Password

User id and password shall be e-mailed or sent through physical mode to the eligible shareholders as of cut off date. Such shareholders can access the e-voting module and register their votes after passing through security credentials.

User id for shareholders with N.S.D.L client id shall be the combination of Dpid plus Clientid (16digits)

User id for shareholders with C.D.S.L client id shall be the 16 digit account number.

User id for physical shareholders shall be the combination of even number plus folio no.

Existing password/New password/Forgot password/Locked password
Existing password means, the password already communicated for the previous even which would be applicable for all e-voting events provided on KFintech e-voting platform
If the ‘existing password” is not available or forgot the “existing password” or the password is “Locked” after 5 attempts, shareholder can generate password by himself by following the below procedure:

a. Click on the forgot password option on homepage.

b. Select mode of holding i.e., N.S.D.L/C.D.S.L/Physical

c. Enter Dpid / Clientid for N.S.D.L and C.D.S.L and Folio for Physical holding.

d. Enter PAN

e. Enter verification code displayed on the screen

f. Submit

If you have registered e-mail id and mobile against your holding, then an automated S.M.S/e-mail will be triggered with “Password” details.

In case only mobile registered, you can still generate “password” by sending S.M.S as per below procedure

Send S.M.S: MYEPWD <space> Folio/Dpid to 9212993399
Example: MYEPWD IN12345612345678

In case both mobile or email id are not registered then call to toll free number 1800 309 4001
You can write a mail to for any further assistance.
Voting & view voting pattern:
After passing through the security credentials shareholder can select company name and proceed to voting page. Shareholder can either chose “for” or “against” for all resolutions in one go by clicking in the boxes provided at the top of the resolutions.

Shareholder can also cast votes to the individual resolutions and chose “for” or “against” as the case may be.

Shareholder cannot modify the preference after confirmation of vote cast.

Shareholder can view the his voting pattern or also take print out of the votes casted.
Voting at General meeting:
Shareholder once casted his vote through e-voting platform, he cannot vote in the General Body Meeting. However, he/she can participate in the discussions at the meeting.
Accessibility Help:
Use the accessibility options provided by this Web site to control the screen display. These options allow changing the text size for clear visibility and better readability.
  • Decrease text size: Allows to decrease the text size up to two levels.
  • Normal text size:Allows to set default text size.
  • Increase text size:Allows to increase the text size up to two levels.
Help Content
Help Content for on the e-Voting system of KFintech -For Shareholders)