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KFintech e-voting System

Password Reset Options

Easy S.M.S
If you have your mobile number registered against your Folio/Dpid Client ID
Send S.M.S : MYEPWD Folio/Dpid Clientid to 9212993399.
In case of Physical, prefix folio with Event No

Example (Electronic) : MYEPWD IN12345612345678
Example (Physical) : MYEPWD 1009F982534   (1009 is the Event No and F982534 is folio)

e-Voting Website

If you have your e-Mail or Mobile registered enter your Folio/Dpid Clientid and P.A.N to reset
your password.
Click here to reset your password now.

Customer Care

Call our toll free number 1-800-3454001 Our call center executive will help you to
  1. Reset your password
  2. Unlock your account, if it is locked
  3. Register new e-Mail / Mobile
If you have any further queries or suggestions, please write to us at