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KFintech e-voting System

Password Reset Options

Easy S.M.S
If you have your mobile number registered against your Folio/Dpid Client ID
Send S.M.S : MYEPWD Folio/Dpid Clientid to 9212993399.
In case of Physical, prefix folio with Event No

Example (Electronic) : MYEPWD IN12345612345678
Example (Physical) : MYEPWD 1009F982534   (1009 is the Event No and F982534 is folio)

e-Voting Website

If you have your e-Mail or Mobile registered enter your Folio/Dpid Clientid and P.A.N to reset
your password.
Click here to reset your password now.

Customer Care

Call our toll free number 1800 309 4001 Our call center executive will help you to
  1. Reset your password
  2. Unlock your account, if it is locked
  3. Register new e-Mail / Mobile
If you have any further queries or suggestions, please write to us at