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national highways infra trust (Event Id : 7027)

I.S.I.N NHT123A12345
Company Name national highways infra trust
Board meeting Date Sep 17, 2022
e-Voting Notice Date Sep 18, 2022  
Register of Members as on Sep 17, 2022  
Company Authorised Person ms. gunjan singh
Designation company secretary
e-Mail ID
Mobile # (10 Digits) 9811413880
Voting Start Date Oct 7 2022 9:00AM
Voting End Date Oct 9 2022 5:00PM
Result on or before Oct 12, 2022
Event Type Extraordinary General Meeting
Meeting Time Oct 10 2022 11:00AM
Meeting City/Venue vc/oavm
No. of Resolutions 1  
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