A registered shareholder as of cut off date is eligible to cast the vote. Members participated in e-Voting are not eligible to participate in Instapoll.

Voting through Proxies
A proxy can vote on behalf of the shareholder, provided the company/registrar has received signed valid proxy form 48 hours before the commencement of the meeting.

One Time Password (O.T.P)
Once the shareholder or proxy registered for the meeting, a One Time Password (O.T.P) will be provided which can be used for Instapoll. Such registered shareholders can access the instapoll module and register their votes after entering the O.T.P.
How to Vote
• Instapoll will be conducted with the use of Tablets (Polling Devices). Once poll is announced by the Chairman, the volunteers present in the Polling Stations/E.G.M hall, with Polling Devices, will facilitate Members/Proxies to cast their vote at their respective seats.

• Additionally, Polling Stations are arranged in the Room outside the meeting hall (Polling Room) to facilitate e-polling.

• Use the One Time Password (O.T.P) to log into Instapoll Application.

• After logging in voting screen will appear, with a list of the resolutions forming part of the Notice of Meeting.

• You may cast the votes either in favour/against each resolution. Text boxes are provided to enter the number of shares either in favour or against each resolution. Total of shares cannot exceed the total number of shares held by you.

• Click on submit button to submit your votes.

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